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Clean Cab Radio Solutions:

Locomotives with Clean Cab radios now have the ability to use their telephone style handset along with a headset without having to change cables.

Different Clean Cab combinations are available based on how far you want to roam about the cab.


The David Clark radio interface adapter is used with mobile radios.

David Clark radio interface adapter

Both the clean cab and mobile radio solutions are compatible with the David Clark H34xx series headsets shown below.

Railroad headsets with radio interface

Railroad Headsets with Radio Interface

Our Ritron Clean-cab radio can have one or more headsets and the factory supplied handset working at the same time…no need to plug and unplug cables to switch from handset to headset.

There are 2 approaches to the Ritron Clean Cab headset interface.

  1. Radio interface headset station

This module interfaces with the radio via heavy duty cables and mounts in a convenient location where the user can plug in a headset; Usually

a H3442 H3442 or  H3432 H3432

Also available are the following:

H3432 H3432H3441 with slotted dome H3441


  1. Belt Station with momentary Push-To-Talk (PTT)

belt station

The belt station approach allows movement throughout the cab with a convenient PTT on the belt. Volume control is also on the belt station.

The headset for this application is the H10-66.



Any Intercom System can be Interfaced to 2-Way Radios!

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